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A grease trap is designed to trap grease, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to develop a clog or obstruction. For this reason, even a good grease trap can become easily subdued by grease, fats, and oils if neglected. By getting your grease trap regularly maintained, its ability to keep away those troublesome grease, fats, and oils remains intact and working efficiently. Avoiding a buildup of material doesn’t have to be a problem for your restaurant or business simply let us get your grease trap on our maintenance schedule. Every maintenance schedule varies due to size, design, and how much material is put into the system. So if there is a grease trap, whether it belongs to your restaurant, business, hospital, or care center. Call us today for your free inspection.

Severe drain line issues can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix, and cause you to close your Business during repairs, no one really wants that. This can easily be avoided if only Businesses practice the habit of getting their plumbing drain lines to undergo regular maintenance, and by maintenance we mean cleaning. It really is just that. One of the best ways of doing so is through hot and cold hydro jetting. Why Use Hydro-jet Cleaning vs Snaking? Unlike snaking which may simply remove or punch through the cause of a blockage, hydro-jetting uses the force of the water to also clean off all the walls of the pipes. Meaning that the drain is much cleaner and less likely to clog in the future. Using the hydro-jet also allows you to clean out all your drain lines without risking damage, provided that your pipes are undamaged and in good condition to start with. You wash your dishes and body in hot water right, Why? BECAUSE IT JUST WORKS BETTER, ALSO AT 112 DEGREES HOT WATER WILL KILL BACTERIA. Triple J Grease Removal's Hot and Cold Hydro Jetter can rejuvenate most any drain lines from 1-1/2inch drain lines-6in main lines for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Give us a call today for your free quote.

What is a grease interceptor? A Grease interceptor (GI) is a plumbing device usually a man hole out side your business with a minimum size of 750 gallons that is installed in a wastewater drainage system to intercept and prevent FOG (FAT OILS GREASE) from entering the sanitary sewer system. Triple J Grease Removal can maintenance Interceptors 750-2,000 gallons with full wash down of inlet, baffle and outlet. Call us today for a free quote.

A steady upkeep of grease traps is necessary to keep those pesky cooking fats and oils from spilling in where they should not be. If these fatbergs were to enter the public sewer system, all the buildup of non-biodegradable matter can be disastrous. Landing the right professional, therefore, is crucial. Perhaps your commercial grease trap has a lot it stored and you need someone skillful to take a look at it. Or perhaps there are some particulars that need attention. We get it. Triple J Grease Removal attends to commercial grease trap cleaning needs and helps your plumbing systems stay up-to-date. Contact us and watch yours be restored today!